The Mom Report: February 20, 2019



There is so much to consider when it comes to planning for another child.

When is the best time to start trying? What if you are still breastfeeding? How long should you wait if you just had a baby? Will your age matter? What if it takes longer than expected?

These are just a few of the questions and factors that play an important role in your decision to expand your family. Luckily for us, fertility specialist Dr. Anu Kathiresan is here to help us navigate this huge topic and put together a game plan. [READ MORE]

Mom Uses Fortnite To Teach Son Spanish

Bay-area mom, Elizabeth Hilton, found herself in the same position as many other parents. Her 11 year-old son, Max, was desperate to play the game with his friends but she wasn’t so sure about it. “I watched some YouTube videos and I was like, I’m not feeling this. This whole idea of pleasure equals gunplay, especially in today’s world, just didn’t feel right to me,” said  Hilton. [READ MORE]


Doctors and researchers are taking a closer look at postpartum depression and have released new recommendations that might help prevent it altogether.


Parenting a teenager is oh so stressful but so is being a teenager.  This article beautifully illustrates how a teen’s tumultuous emotions are similar to a jar of glitter and gives great advice on how we can help them sort through them.


Buyer beware! Counterfeit car seats are popping-up on popular websites like and putting children’s safety at risk. Here is a closer look at the problem and what you need to know before buying a car seat online.


A stunning report found that Target was playing games when it came to product prices in-store versus online. Your price depended on your physical location. As a result of this investigation, it sounds like the retailer  is working to change this deceptive practice, but it’s a pretty disappointing discovery for Targé lovers everywhere.

Fashion Statement

This hilarious Facebook post went viral when a woman shared that she accidentally wore the car seat cover a friend gave her as a skirt.

Brotherly Love

This video of a little boy snuggling his newborn brother is literally the sweetest thing ever.

Watch Out Beyoncé

If you need something else to smile about today look no further! This sassy lady dancing to Beyoncé with a corndog in hand is officially my spirit animal.

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