The Mom Report: July 10, 2018

28 things no one tells you about pregnancy

How many times did you ask yourself when you were pregnant, “why does nobody talk about this?!” We’re all told about the great experiences that come with it, and even a few mild discomforts (like weight gain, nausea, etc.), but NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY talks about all the other [unspeakable] stuff. That ends today ladies!  We asked real moms about the things no one told them about pregnancyand we got very real answers. Here’s what they had to say.

best sunscreens for babies & toddlers with sensitive skin

There are tons of articles and recommendations floating around the internet on the best  sunscreens for our kiddos. We feel like we’ve tried them all and if you’ve got little ones with sensitive skin (like we do), here are the two sunscreens we’ve had success with. Hopefully you will too.

mom warns about gaming app FOR KIDS

A mom in North Carolina is warning parents about the gaming app Roblox after she says her seven-year-old daughter’s avatar was sexually assaulted by other characters. Amber Peterson says when she looked at the iPad screen she saw extremely graphic things happening to her daughter’s character on a playground. Shocked and disgusted, she posted her warning about this game on Facebook so other parents would be aware.
BOTTOM LINE: Although the Roblox game is, “recommended for children ages 10 and up”, there is always a chance of a few low-lifes ruining what's supposed to be a fun and innocent game for kids. Roblox has since responded to this situation saying they have identified the individuals responsible and permanently banned them from the game. They also say they are putting extra safeguards in place to try to prevent this from happening again. If this is an app your kids are using Peterson recommends that you monitor them closely or, better yet, get them to read instead!


In a study of 200 first-time moms, researchers found that 27 percent of them experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after giving birth. Researchers also found that a woman’s thinking style was the main factor in determining whether or not they developed PTSD.
BOTTOM LINE: According to this research, women with a negative thinking style, which includes self-blame and rumination, are more likely to develop PTSD.  Researchers hope this finding will help women get the resources they need to avoid full or partial postpartum PTSD. You can find more information on this study here.

mom asked to leave pool for breastfeeding

Another day another story about a mom getting the boot for breastfeeding in public. Cincinnati mom Cimarra Pierman was breastfeeding her three-month-old at a public pool when she says a lifeguard asked her to leave for breaking pool rules. A manager later informed the lifeguard that he was wrong, but Perman had already left.
BOTTOM LINE: No woman should be shamed for feeding her child. In Ohio, mothers are legally allowed to breastfeed practically anywhere they want. As a result of the incident, The Cincinnati Recreation Commission says they will be adding a new policy about breastfeeding to their handbook.


Keep this handy trick in mind if you ever have trouble with a newborn photoshoot. Look closely! 😂



It really does take a village...or a newsroom! A reporter in Atlanta was called in to cover a big July 4th event for the station, but she had no luck finding a last minute babysitter. When Kaitlyn Ross told her manager, she was told not to worry and to bring her little boy to work  with her. While Kaitlyn covered the event, her Assistant News Director, Julie Wolfe, and co-workers took care of her little guy. Hats off to Julie and her team for supporting new moms like Katilyn!


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