The Mom Report: July 27, 2018


In our recent reports, we’ve covered the things no one tells you about pregnancy and birth. Now we complete our series with 20 Things No One Tells You About Postpartum Recovery! Hats off to all mamas; the journey to motherhood isn’t easy but it’s worth every second!


Speaking of postpartum recovery, we love this British mom for proudly showing off her true postpartum self. In an interview with People Mia Redworth said, “It was a complete shock to see how a normal body looks after having a baby, and we never see this on Instagram or in the media. I felt very alone and couldn’t find anyone I could relate to.” Mia then decided to share pictures of her postpartum body to inspire other women to embrace their own!



Beach Sprayer

Use this brilliant idea the next time you visit a beach without any showers. All you need is a simple one or two gallon garden sprayer (*unused*) like this and some water. Fill your sprayer up with water before you leave the house, leave it in the car while you’re at the beach, then spray the kids off before you head home! Voila...thanks to Katie Moran for sharing this great idea!


Shower Curtain Pool

You can also Mom’gyver a mini-pool at the beach with a cheap shower curtain liner. Megan Wilson shared this on Facebook and said her little one loved it.


Fitted Sheet Fun

Another great idea is to use a fitted sheet like this one with bags at each corner to create a sand free space for your family!


Food isn’t the only thing we need to be checking for expiration. Sunscreen expires also and it can be significantly less effective at protecting you once it’s reached its expiration date. A Good Morning America investigation even found expired sunscreen on store shelves.
BOTTOM LINE: Check the expiration date on sunscreen before you buy it just like you would for milk or other foods. It may also be a good idea to check your stash at home to see if any of your current sunscreens need to be replaced.


A snack time favorite is being recalled over salmonella concerns. Pepperidge Farm is recalling four flavors of Goldfish out of an abundance of caution after they were notified that a whey powder used in the seasoning may be contaminated with salmonella.
BOTTOM LINE: The USDA says no illnesses have been reported. If you own any of the recalled products you can trash them or return them to the store you purchased them from for a refund.


CPR saves lives, but if breathing into a stranger’s mouth is something that gives you pause then you should know that simple chest compressions can triple the chances of saving someone’s life. CBS This Morning has a great demo on how to help a teen or adult in trouble with hands-only CPR.
BOTTOM LINE: Hopefully you’ll never need to use this life-saving technique, but in the event you do this is a simple way to be prepared for a worst case scenario. It’s always a good idea to have at least one person in the house that knows CPR or at minimum, how to do this.

babies on board!

Talk about a baby boom! Six nurses at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., are all pregnant at the same time! Here’s a fun read from USA Today about the “fabulous six pack” and how they are sharing their pregnancy journey.



Alright ladies, if you haven’t seen the hot dancing dentist that has gone viral in recent days, you are in for a treat! Based on all the comments (some of which are hilarious!), Dr. Rich Constantine Greenville, South Carolina, will never be hurting for business after his dance rendition of Drake’s “In My Feelings” - or  “In My Fillings” as he calls it - made women across the world swoon! Cavity anyone?


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