The Mom Report: July 19, 2018


When we asked moms about the things no one told them about pregnancy we also received a lot of responses about birth and the days and weeks that followed. This week we share what moms say no one told them about GIVING BIRTH! Check it out and if you enjoy it, please share with your friends!

this bread is b-a-n-a-n-a-s

We tested a new Banana Bread Recipe and it’s DELISH! It has no added sugar, is easy to make, and is a big hit with the kiddos! We think you'll love it too!



Hold off on those Honey Smacks! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 100 salmonella infections in 33 states have been linked to the cereal. See their recent tweet below, which sums everything up.
BOTTOM LINE: Kellogg started voluntary recalls of the cereal in June but the CDC says regardless of the expiration date, throw it away or return it to the store you bought it from for a refund.


Midwesterners who shop at Hy-Vee grocery stores are being warned not to eat the pasta salad pictured below. Health officials say salmonella is also the concern here and 21 people have already gotten sick.
BOTTOM LINE: More information on the outbreak and affected product can be found here. If you have this pasta salad in your refrigerator either throw it away or return it to the store for a refund.


McDonalds is also dealing with an illness outbreak linked to their salads. Health officials say 61 cases cyclosporiasis have been reported in seven states. As a precaution, McDonalds has stopped selling salads at 3,000 of it’s locations in 14 states until they can track down the source of the problem.
BOTTOM LINE: If you are a mama on the run and McDonald's salads are a go-to meal for you, they will be unavailable at impacted restaurants until this issue is cleared up. The FDA is working with McDonald’s to find the specific ingredient(s) at fault here.

International Breastfeeding Drama & Introducing Solids Earlier

Controversy is swirling after the New York Times reported that U.S. government health officials tried to block an effort by the United Nations to promote breastfeeding worldwide, even threatening other countries who were supporting it. This has a LOT of health experts shaking their heads since research shows how incredibly healthy breast milk is for babies. CBS This Morning produced an excellent breakdown of breastfeeding benefits, a summation of this controversy, and included information on a new study that says introducing solids earlier may help babies sleep better.
BOTTOM LINE: There is no denying that breastfeeding is the healthiest option for babies and their mothers. Although many mothers are unable to breastfeed or choose not to, it is mind-boggling why a country such as ours would choose not to promote such a healthy and beneficial practice for babies.

build-a-bear disaster

More like Build-A-Bummer! Build-A-Bear had an epic FAIL last week when they say they were forced to shut down their “Pay Your Age” promo shortly after it started due to safety concerns. As you can imagine, there were LOTS of angry parents and disappointed kiddos, many of whom stood in line for hours.
BOTTOM LINE: As Cookie Monster would say, “stop and think it through!” Although the promotion was a total bust, the company is now offering a $15 voucher for those who were turned away.

cnn baby boom

News isn’t the only thing breaking for some of the women at CNN! Cosmopolitan has put together a fun read on some of the network’s biggest stars who are currently expecting and how they are handling pregnancy in their high-profile jobs. From passing out, to mom-brain and morning sickness, these ladies get a high-five from us for toughing it out in front of the cameras. (I’ve been there and it’s not easy!)

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION - you are not alone

Postpartum depression is an unfortunate reality for so many new moms and it can be absolutely debilitating. No woman can control whether or not they get PPD and it’s unbelievably miserable for those who experience it. This video is a great reminder to new moms dealing with PPD that you aren’t alone. If you or someone you know may be dealing with PPD please reach out and make sure you (or they) contact a doctor to get some help navigating it.


mirror mirror

Here’s a video of a toddler trying to wrap his brain around the concept of a mirror. It’s adorable and reminds us of how fun it is to watch our little ones learn


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