The Mom Report: June 26, 2018


Kristen Beary was swimming with her kids when a woman passing by stopped and offered to take their picture because, as she said, “Moms aren’t in enough pictures.” (Amen!) Kristen said she handed the woman her the phone, the picture was taken, and when the woman returned the phone she explained that her oldest son had passed away at a young age and that she didn’t have a single picture of them together to place in his coffin. She says the story crushed her and provided a reality check that she felt compelled to share on Facebook with other mamas. We’re so glad she did because it’s a great reminder that we need to step in front of the camera too, even if we feel like we aren’t looking our best. TIme moves quickly, so lets make pictures with mom a priority for ourselves and our kids!



Feeding a toddler can be a challenge, so a little creativity never hurts! Check out these sandwich kabobs on a Starbucks stopper via @playingwithchanel on Instagram. It looks like Starbucks may be running low on green stoppers pretty soon! Thanks for sharing this fun mom hack Priscila!


New research suggests that young teens just aren’t getting enough sleep and that could result in bigger waistlines, high blood pressure, and other health issues. A sleep expert tells CBS This Morning, “ It's "frightening" that fewer than 3 percent of young people get the recommended nine hours of sleep a night.”
BOTTOM LINE: This article's expert greatly stresses the importance of sleep and says a “good deep sleep is the very best form of natural blood pressure medication you could ever wish for.” If you have a teen in your house, hopefully they can use the summer break to catch up on some zzzz’s.


If you live in Florida or have summer travel plans to the Sunshine State, watch out for jellyfish! Thousands of beachgoers have been stung over the last couple of weeks in the Daytona Beach area and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.
BOTTOM LINE: If you are headed to a Florida beach in the next few weeks, look for the purple warning flags which indicate a hazard from dangerous marine life. If you get stung by a  jellyfish the Mayo Clinic recommends rinsing the sting with vinegar and pulling any visible tentacles out with tweezers (ouch!!).


Great news for all teachers in New York City! Starting this fall they will now be eligible for paid parental leave! Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement just last week.
BOTTOM LINE: The policy will allow teachers to take up to six weeks off for births, adoptions, and the placement of foster children under six years old.


A new study finds that girls who grow up with working moms are more likely to have better, higher-paying jobs. It also shows that boys of working mothers contribute more to household chores and provide more care for their children.
BOTTOM LINE: The study by no means says stay-at-home moms are hurting their children’s futures. The study’s lead author tells TIME, “neither option is inherently detrimental.” She hopes that working moms will feel a little less mom guilt after hearing the positive influence they are having on their children by leaving the home for work. (Side note - With a little personal experience being a working mom, stay-at-home mom, and working stay-at-home mom...The Mom Report can tell you that all are difficult and all are awesome. Each scenario has its own set of challenges. Do what works for your family and know that you are a great mom either way!)


Instagram TV just launched! It’s being called IGTV and the new platform allows users to upload videos that are up to an hour long. The videos will be displayed vertically (portrait) so we don’t have to keep flipping our phones to get good video! Let us know if you would like to see anything specific from The Mom Report on IGTV in the future :)

Chris pratt talks prayer and poop

Actor Chris Pratt gave an epic speech at the recent MTV Movie & TV Awards when he received the Generation Award! From praying to pooping, his now viral speech is full of helpful and hilarious advice for the next generation.


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