The Mom Report: May 1, 2018


She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and as down-to-earth as they come! Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee was beyond generous to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk to The Mom Report about balancing mom life with an amazing career. She discusses mom guilt, challenges we face as mothers, the beauty of motherhood, mental health and even snacks that keep us going! You’ll quickly see why she is a true Mom’spiration! Check out The Mom Report’s interview with the lovely Ginger Zee!

Mom Hack

Any moms out there in DESPERATE need of a sweet treat but not wanting to hide in a closet to snack in peace? This mom hack is for you! Clarissa (also known as @munchkins_and_moms on Instagram) was having one of those moments. So, she Mom’Gyvered a vegetable soup can and turned it into an undercover chocolate treat so the kids would steer clear! This genius mom-hack made our day! Thanks for sharing Clarissa!!


permission to eat chocolate

If chocolate happens to be your drug of choice, eating the right kind of dark chocolate can apparently help us with things like stress, brain function, immunity, and even heart health. Newly released research looks at the benefits of cacao in the chocolate we eat and researchers say the greater the concentration of cacao, the more positive effects the chocolate has on our health.
BOTTOM LINE: Researchers say we should be eating dark chocolate that is 70% cacao and 30% organic cane sugar, to reap the most health benefits.

POSSIBLE Changes to Postpartum Care

Hallelujah! The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is out with dramatic new recommendations for women's postpartum care, bringing new hope to just about every woman who has ever had a baby. Instead of having just one postpartum visit with your doctor six to eight weeks after giving birth, the new guidelines recommend women see their doctor three days to three weeks after birth, depending on your pregnancy and delivery. The new guidelines also include as many follow-up appointments as needed to assess physical health, monitor any complications that may come up, answer questions, address mental health concerns, etc. Wouldn’t that be great!?
BOTTOM LINE: Think for a moment about all of the physical and mental changes we face when we become mothers. Our babies are seen frequently and monitored very closely, which is amazing. Unfortunately, most women only get a single postpartum visit two months after birth and for many of us that really isn’t enough. Keep in mind, the new guidelines are just recommendations at this point. Hopefully the ACOG will continue their push for improved postpartum care and have success rallying the physicians and insurance companies to get behind this critical effort.

New Parental Controls For YouTube Kids

After major concerns over inappropriate content on the YouTube Kids app, Google is making changes to give parents more control over what shows up in the app. The tech giant says many of the disturbing videos show up because of the algorithms that are in place to pick the recommended content. To resolve this issue, Google made changes to ensure parents that any displayed content is content approved by actual humans.
BOTTOM LINE: This isn’t going to be a 100% catch-all for every bad video that may populate  YouTube, but it is certainly is a step in the right direction. Parents will have to “opt in” to these new features and turn the settings on for each profile. YouTube plans to add even more updates that will allow parents to specifically choose the videos and channels their children can access.

Hilarious Royal Facebook Post GOES VIRAL

For those of you who are easily offended, you may want to skip this one. If you found it absurd that the Duchess of Cambridge had to walk out of the hospital looking royally flawless just hours after giving birth to dutifully debut the newest member of the royal family, then this social media post will likely crack you up.


Cinco de Mayo is this weekend. If you’re looking for a good margarita or alcohol-free Mama’rita to celebrate with, here are some recipe favorites compliments of The Mom Report! Cheers!


A precious moment was captured by a mom who had just stepped out of the shower to see her daughter singing with her baby brother who has Down Syndrome. The moment was significant to her because of her son’s limited vocabulary. She says this is proof music therapy works.

Make it a great day and remember YOU are a great MOM!

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