The Mom Report: March 27, 2018

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Easter is this weekend and if you are worried about the Sugar Fairy Easter Bunny delivering a basket of sugar-induced mommy stress, here is a list of non-candy ideas to put in the basket this year.


Speaking of Easter, if you are looking for some festive activities and entertainment for your little ones, you have to check out @busytoddler on Instagram! This woman is an encyclopedia of kid activities. What makes them even better is that they're all very affordable and realistic ideas.

CDC Warns of Second Flu Wave

Just when we thought things were getting better, the CDC reminds us that the dreaded flu season isn't over just yet. The CDC's recent stats show the number of Flu A cases seems to be dropping, but Flu B is picking up steam.
BOTTOM LINE: We're not out of the woods yet! Keep those hands washed and sick family members at home.

"Free-Range" Parenting Legalized in Utah

It's no longer considered "neglect" if a parent chooses to let their child walk home from school or play on the playground alone in the state of Utah. The bill was signed into law earlier this month and will take effect in May.
BOTTOM LINE: While it's debatable at which age a child should be allowed to do certain activities without adult supervision, parents in Utah will now be able to explore that threshold without legal ramifications.

Facebook Privacy Compromised - WHAT's NEXT!?

Facebook's data harvesting scandal with Cambridge Analytica caused all of us to go, wtf? All of our personal data, exposed, thanks to those survey-taking friends we are connected to!? Although trust has been lost, Facebook is out in force with a new batch of privacy tools to help prevent this in the future.
BOTTOM LINE: This is just yet another reminder that we shouldn't put anything on our social channels that we wouldn't want shared with the world. This also proves that we (and even Facebook) only have so much control over who can gain access to our "private" data.


Nothing inspires me more than a mom who has built a successful business. So how about a mom that turned $500 into a BILLION dollar business!? Mamas, meet jewelry designer Kendra Scott and hear her incredible story.


Talk about a brilliant way to get rid of the paci! A Chicago area mom posted this desperate plea in the MamaTribe Chicago Facebook group:


The MamaTribe definitely delivered and the results are the best thing you will see all day!!! Plus, it WORKED!

Make it a great day and remember YOU are a great MOM!

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