The Mom Report: April 17, 2018


A Florida mom’s gender reveal was a major (and hilarious) bust. Before she could even get the gender revealing balloon loaded with pink or blue confetti in the car, her son spoils the surprise by popping the balloon with his toy sword! Fortunately for us, it was all caught on their home surveillance camera! Too bad she didn’t get to share the surprise with her friends and family at her reveal party. Poor mama, lol!


There is one candy we (almost always) say YES to in our house. Have you heard of Brain Candy TV!? The creator has developed something really special for our little ones. Not only are his shows making a huge educational impact on toddlers and preschoolers, but parents of children with autism and learning disabilities are also singing his praises. Education experts are even commenting on the effectiveness of his content. So what makes this television show so special!? Check out our interview with, Michael Moore, the brain behind Brain Candy TV!


We at The Mom Report were very disturbed at the number of headlines popping up last week linking baby wipes to food allergies. So, to get some clarity on the topic we talked directly to the lead author of the study and have some great news: baby wipes DO NOT cause food allergies in children. It turns out, multiple conditions have to be present for baby wipes to play a role in the development of a food allergy. See our report HERE.
BOTTOM LINE: Don’t let this sensational headline stir up that mommy anxiety. More often than not, there is much more to the story or “study.” Researchers are doing great work to try to better understand things like food allergies. When they publish the findings of their latest studies they have very little control over how it is presented by the media.


Kids’ bath toys can get pretty gross over time and there’s a new study out looking at just how dirty those rubber duckies really are. On some of the ducks tested, researchers found bacteria that is typically associated with infections people get in the hospital (yuck!). The full study can be seen here.
BOTTOM LINE: Any toy that is submerged in water is prone to developing mold and bacteria, especially squeeze toys with small holes. Whether you prefer to use vinegar, bleach, or the dishwasher, there are several different bath toy cleaning methods that can help keep your little one’s bath water clean.


If salad or eggs are on your grocery list this week (or already in your refrigerator), read this before feeding them to your family! An E.coli outbreak in 11 states has been linked to chopped romaine lettuce that originates from Yuma, Arizona. There is also a massive recall involving 200 million eggs because of salmonella concerns.
BOTTOM LINE: The CDC says we should avoid romaine lettuce products that could be affected, including chopped romaine salads, salad mixes, and any romaine lettuce that comes from Yuma, Arizona. As for the eggs, the FDA says if you have any of the affected products, stop using them immediately. They were distributed to popular grocery stores and restaurants in nine states and 22 illness have been reported.


If Essure is a birth control you are considering, you might want to read this first. The FDA has put extra restrictions on the sale and distribution of the implanted birth control device after they discovered that women weren’t being properly educated on the product’s risks before implantation.
BOTTOM LINE: You should know all the risks associated with any birth control option you choose. Make sure you are talking in detail with your doctor about your options. This particular birth control implant will now come with extra safeguards, as mandated by the FDA, including this patient brochure.


Hooray it’s Tax Day...said no one ever! Hopefully your taxes are done, but if you have last minute questions, especially when it comes to dependents, child-care deductibles, and the child tax credit, this is a great resource.
BOTTOM LINE: This is just a friendly reminder that taxes are due today. If you are dunzo with yours and curious what the child tax credit looks like for 2018 under the new tax reform law, here’s an informative piece from Forbes.


Hats off to this single mom of five in Texas who is about to graduate from law school! It’s been a difficult road, to say the least, for Ieshia Champs but her determination and perseverance in the face of unimaginable circumstances is truly an inspiration.


What are the chances a woman desperate to become a mom sits next to a pregnant woman on a plane that may be willing to give her child up for adoption? These two seatmates developed such a strong connection over the course of their flight that they exchanged numbers after landing. Not long after, their lives changed forever.

Make it a great day and remember YOU are a great MOM!

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