The Mom Report: April 3, 2018

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spring break

Spring Break sure looks a lot different than it did back in the day, am I right!? If you need a good laugh to get through the week, here’s a little reminder that all that Spring Break’n we did back then was actually preparing us for motherhood!

disney moms

Speaking of holiday breaks, who has a trip to Disney World coming up? If you're going June 30 or later you'll get to enjoy the brand new Toy Story Land set to open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here is a quick video and more informationfor the Buzz Lightyear and Woody fans in your house.

car seat warning

A mom in Georgia is warning other parents about those sheepskin belt covers after her 2-month-old daughter was thrown from her car seat in a crash, despite being tightly strapped in. 
BOTTOM LINEExperts say we should never use any products in the car seat that did not come from the car seat manufacturer, something now being echoed by this mother as well.

new insight into sids

New research shows a gene mutation that impacts breathing muscles may be linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Researchers say that even though this is not the only cause of the terrible tragedy, it is a promising indicator that could help them identify more babies at risk which will allow them to step in and provide solutions that might help
BOTTOM LINE: Experts say this particular gene mutation is extremely rare and not every baby who dies of SIDS has it. Which, ultimately means that babies who don’t have the mutation are still at risk. Researchers are not recommending routine genetic testing for this gene mutation right now, and say even though the findings offer hope, more research is needed. If you need a refresher, here are the Safe Sleep Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

four-day school week

A school district in Colorado wants to join 98 others in the state that are going to school four days a week instead of five. If approved, the new schedule will start in August. Here’s more on how it would work for the students, teachers, and parents.
BOTTOM LINE: School districts across the country seem fed up with the higher expectations and smaller budgets. This seems to be one district’s money-saving resolution to what they see as a big problem.

b is for bacteria

Ever wonder how much bacteria is REALLY on your eight-year-old’s hands? One mom in California, a former microbiology lab tech, found the answer by sticking her son's hand in a petri dish after playing outside. The result?
BOTTOM LINE: Yup, that looks pretty nasty but she says it’s stuff we’re exposed to everyday anyway. Let's just make sure we're washing those little hands before they eat.


When mom and engineer Ritu Narayan was working at Ebay she had a hard time simply finding someone she could trust to pick her daughter up from school. In a recent Forbes article she discusses the struggles of juggling work and child care.  This is something so many women can relate to. So, Ritu developed a solution called Zūm, which is basically an Uber for kids. If you haven’t heard her story it’s pretty inspirational! Check it out!


Yep, we’ve all been there...the public meltdown moments after you enter a store. Even worse if you have more than one throwing it down. A Texas mom named Rebecca Peterson posted her appreciation on Facebook for the angel that appeared to help her finish her Target run while her 2-year-old and 2-month-old had an epic meltdown. It's no surprise that this kind mom-to-mom gesture has gone viral! 

Ladies, it ain’t easy but knowing other moms have your back can make those tough moments a little easier. Thanks to these moms for sharing this story and setting a great example for all of us!

Make it a great day and remember YOU are a great MOM!

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