Simple Way to Make Summer Memories


A big thanks to fellow mom Rhonda M. for allowing us to share this fantastic idea with readers of The Mom Report!

I was thinking about summer today and remembering a fun system we did for many years when my kids were all younger (like, all under 10 or so) that they really loved. Took very minimal mom-prep! But just served as a scaffolding of a teeny bit of structure that the kids looked forward to and helped us be more intentional with our time. We had silly names of the days of the week, with a corresponding activity (that often took 10 minutes on Sunday night for me to map out).

Meaningful Monday

Do one act of outreach for someone else as a family, like writing a letter to a long distance family member, picking up trash at a park, baking cookies for a neighbor or writing thank you cards for policemen, etc.

Try-it-Out Tuesday

This was my kids’ favorite!! We did something we had never done before. Might be going to a new place we had never been, going to the grocery store to try out a random thing we’d never tried (I remember star fruit and cow tongue), playing a new game or trying a new recipe . . . 

Work-On-It Wednesday

We did one group project around the house, like cleaning out a closet/toy chest or weeding the front yard or washing the car . . . You’d be amazed what you can get done when you are intentional with this once a week all summer! 

Thinking Thursday

We did something educational, like tried a science experiment or looked up a country’s culture in a book/online or just did practice math sheets! 

Friends and Family Friday  

We made an effort to be with people: play dates, meeting Daddy for lunch, picnics out with friends, bonfires in the backyard, etc. 

Now that my kids are older we’ve switched to each person having their own Summer Goals in several categories (Reading, Memorization, Fitness, Education/Activities, Spiritual/Outreach) that we work on little by little and then end with a family celebration in August when we’ve reached our goals. 

What I like about both of the above systems is they are flexible and leave tons of room for running through the sprinklers and reading a book on the porch swing and making popsicles and getting good and bored. Bored is the first step to creativity, right? 

Happy Summering!!! It is going to be good!

This was originally written by Rhonda M. on Facebook and published here with her permission.

Kellie Smith