Ginger Zee On Balancing Mom Life and A High-Profile Career

Photo by: Karen Morneau Photography

Photo by: Karen Morneau Photography

It’s easy to see why so many admire Ginger Zee. Not only is the Chief Meteorologist for ABC News beautiful, smart and talented - this mother of two is gracious, down to earth, and downright funny! If you don’t already, do yourself a favor and follow her and her husband, Ben Aaron, on Instagram!

Sure, we see her glammed up every morning on Good Morning America and Dancing With The Stars, but if you follow her on social media you will see that she is a mom, just like us. No makeup. Mom bun. Silly faces. Cooking for her family. Trying to squeeze in a workout with a newborn in tow. Goofing off with her hilarious husband, the list goes on.

I very much appreciate the candid peek she gives us into her personal life. Not many people are comfortable sharing these moments. They are not staged. They are not “insta-perfect.” Just like her, they are real and SO relatable.

She recently released her memoir, Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I Am One, where she openly discusses her past struggles with depression and the less than glamorous parts of life. The way she openly and bravely shares her story is really resonating people across the globe and giving hope to many people who face the same difficulties in life.

As if that weren’t enough to make you love this busy mom, she just released her first kids book, Chasing Helicity, an action drama for 8-12 year olds that she hopes will ignite a love for science in our children.

I really don’t know how she does it all, but The Mom Report is beyond grateful that she took some time out of her insanely busy schedule and final weeks of maternity leave to give us some insight into how she balances mom life with such a high-profile and demanding career.

How are you adjusting to life with two boys?

Life with two boys (actually 3 with my husband Ben) has been spectacular. Miles feels like he’s been with us forever- he’s such a little mush ball and already in love with his brother. He’s such a little happy boy and I’m one happy mommy. One challenge we have found would be feeding time. That’s the time when Adrian tends to get the most jealous. As soon as he sees me reach for the boppy, Adrian HAS to sit with me. On me. Anywhere to prevent his baby brother to spend intimate time with mom. We have tried a few tactics suggested to us but it seems to be a constant source of drama. Nothing we can’t handle though:)

What do you love most about being a mom?

Being a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done. Period. I love watching the world again through their little eyes and brains, feeling everything for the first time via. them. It’s a brilliant way to live in the moment.

What surprised you the most about motherhood?

It made me superhuman. Truly, I feel more confident, more productive, more woman! It’s amazing what we are all capable of.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a mom with a high-profile career like yours?

I don’t think my motherhood is too much different than anyone else’s except I have a constant audience. And people will let you know what you are doing right and wrong (in their opinion). It’s one thing that I was able to get used to attacks from viewers on my outfits, intelligence or pronunciation of their hometown...but when they attack the way I parent or something on my child, that’s a challenge.

What strategies do you use to balance it all, especially when things get really busy?

Giving myself grace. There is no such thing as balancing it ALL, all the time. I’ve learned to focus while being a mom. When I’m at work I’m actually better than I’ve ever been, I’m focused on the task in front of me, forecasting or making good tv. When I have time to write, I’m writing my books. And when I’m home, I’m focused on the kids and my husband. Becoming a mother forced me to figure out time management better than I ever had before. There is no time to procrastinate.

Among many other things, I’ve always been so impressed with your commitment to fitness, even when pregnant. What is your secret to staying motivated?

For me it’s a mental health goal. Without a workout, my mind starts to suffer. I make time in my schedule every day if I can for at least meditation and yoga if not a full on workout. The benefit to my health and body is just a bonus.

What does dinnertime look like in your household?

Right now we live in a relatively small apartment so it’s Adrian in his high chair, Ben and I on the couch with the ottoman as our table, Miles in the mamaRoo or Snoo bassinet and sometimes A dinosaur documentary because Adrian is obsessed.

When mom life gets chaotic and overwhelming, what do you do to refocus?

Yoga and meditation have worked wonders for me. We all deserve that reset.

How do you navigate the dreaded “mom guilt?”

It’s going to happen. I try to embrace it, let it wash over me, and then get mom reality... there’s a time right before I fall asleep where all the worst thoughts and worries enter my brain. I try to focus on the good things I’ve done, thank God for all of the positives and that reflection on gratefulness usually snuffs out the mom guilt.

What is the one meal or snack you rely on the most to keep you fueled for the day?

I love trail mix, mixed nuts. So simple but effective.

You have been very open about your personal struggles with depression and the “not so glamorous” parts of life. What would be your advice to other women that face the same struggle(s)?

Never forget, although it is difficult in the darkest moments, have it written somewhere you will see: The clouds never last forever. They can’t and they won’t.

There will always be sunshine just around the corner. You have sunshine it’s just obscured. And most importantly— be honest with yourself if you are feeling those feelings. Then tell someone on your support team. Brighter days are ahead.

Ginger returns to Good Morning America on May 7. Her memoir Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I Am One and new children’s book Chasing Helicity are both available on Amazon!

Thanks again to Ginger for graciously taking the time to talk to The Mom Report!

Kellie Smith