No...Baby Wipes Do Not Cause Food Allergies

If your newsfeed was blasted with headlines last week about a study linking baby wipes to food allergies, and you thought “great, one more thing to worry about,” you can rest easy. We went right to the source and found out you are NOT giving your child food allergies by using baby wipes!

After seeing multiple stories displaying the same alarming tone, The Mom Report connected directly with the lead author of the study, Joan Cook-Mills, a professor of allergy-immunology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, to get some clarity for our readers.

She explains that in the study, conducted with mice, four factors had to be present for the food allergy to occur. Those factors include a specific genetic mutation involving the skin’s absorption, infant cleansing wipes, and skin exposure to allergens in dust and food.

Cook-Mills tells us, “[i]n the study, all four factors were required. If one factor was left out then the food allergy did not develop.” She further stated, “[t]he soap (surfactant) [e.g. the baby wipe], does not cause food allergy; it enhances the absorption of the skin for the saline containing allergens.”

So, there you have it, mamas. Rest easy and keep cleaning those tushies worry-free. Baby wipes will not give your child a food allergy.

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Kellie Smith