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The Mom Report is a news and lifestyle resource for moms looking to live a smarter, more informed, inspired and connected #momlife. Mom life can be stressful, overwhelming, and isolating at times. So, this weekly newsletter is designed to keep moms connected to the outside world and one another, while giving that "mom brain" a break - if only for a moment.

Each report is carefully crafted to give moms the news they need, something to smile about, inspirational ideas, and a little splash of motivation to the conquer week, all in a matter of minutes.

The Mom Report was created by me, Kellie Patterson Smith. As a mom and former TV News anchor and reporter, I started The Mom Report with the goal of giving moms like myself a brief and highly informative resource that fits into our crazy lives.

When I became a mom, I went from reading piles of news articles daily to more books about trains and monster trucks than I could have ever imagined. While I love that precious and priceless reading time with my son, I also find myself, at times, feeling disconnected with the outside world.

When I worked in TV I met so many moms who told me “Oh, I don’t watch the news.” Now...I get it.

There simply isn't enough time in a day to sit through a newscast or sort through news articles to find what matters most. It's also challenging to dodge the content is too graphic or inappropriate for children.

So in an effort to keep my brain firing on all cylinders and up to speed on the current news, tricks, and trends that matter most to moms, I created The Mom Report. I hope you like it and will share it with your friends!